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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Feedback ID: 3 Status: Closed
Product: GoldFish.Net Implemented? Yes
Created On: 3/11/2008 Created By: beejay
Details: Hi.

I've just downloadet the latest version for testing. What I'm really missing is auto completion when typing table/column names.
When hitting ctrl-space I'd expect a list of suggestions, bu all I get is a blank box...

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By Ben Bahrenburg @ 3/11/2008
Hi Beejay,

Do you want an object prompt or suggestion after each schema is typed?
For example SYS. would bring a list of all of sys's objects? We've got on the release roadmap for 3.5.

Please note in the next two months we're looking to have a release that allows you to connect to more then one database. Once that has been completed we'll start on your request.

How does this sound:
A) Ability to have suggestions for common PL/SQL functions such as DECODe, etc
B) Ability to turn on/off auto suggest for objects own by a schema when the schema name is typed.

By beejay @ 3/13/2008
What I'm looking for is "auto-suggest" on as much as possible. Not only on Table names, but also on columns when typing where clause etc...
I realize it may be difficult to implement, but it would be a great help when writing queries

Your first suggestion sounds great as well, the second I'm not sure I understand?

By Ben Bahrenburg @ 8/13/2008
This feature has been completed in the 3.50.2 release.

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