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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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GoldFish.Net Features

GoldFish.Net is a powerful tool with a small memory footprint which allows you to develop, manage, and maintain your Oracle database more quickly and easily.

  • Requires no objects to be installed within the database to be fully functional.
  • Supports Oracle 8 forward.
  • Customizable Login screen, allowing you to see your connection information in a variety of ways.
  • Ability to connect using Tns or TCP-Direct methods
  • Ability switch between multiple connections
  • Unicode Support
  • Schema Browser
    • Allows the user to easily edit table data
    • A variety of filters are available, allowing you to view/edit your data quickly and easily
    • Object references and dependencies are available for all object types
    • Customizable dockable interface allows you to maximize your workspace
    • QuickEdit allows you to edit your objects without leaving the Schema Browser module.
    • Create, Compile, Alter, and Drop objects while working within the Schema Browser module.
    • Ability to Create, Save, Filter By, and Sort By "Favorite" Objects
    • Object Notes, allowing you to take notes on each objects.
  • PL/SQL Editor
    • Allows the user to Edit or Create objects within the database
    • Built in support for Functions, Package, Procedures, Views and Types
    • Assists in finding compile time errors
    • Integrated Code Snippets, and Object Browser
  • Visual Query Designer
    • Ability to drag and drop tables and views for querying
    • Support for Oracle SQL format 8,9,10
    • Ability to save and share stored visual queries
    • Integrated Object Browser
  • Reports Module
    • Allows the user to create and save complex reports.
    • The ability to categorize and share reports between users and databases.
    • Provide the ability to export report results in a variety of formats.
  • SQL Editor
    • Run several SQL Statements at once
    • Export results in a variety of format
    • Multi-threaded model allows for you to continue working while your query runs
    • SQL History allows you to view your past SQLStatements
    • Integrated Code Snippets, and Object Browser
    • Fulling integrated Error Highlight, allowing you to find your syntax errors quickly.
    • Support for DBMS_OUTPUT and Explain Plan
  • Storage Manager
    • Provides the ability to work with Tablespaces and Rollback Segments.
      • Create, Alter, Drop Tablespaces and Rollback Segments.
      • Coalese Tablespaces, Migrate Dictionary Tablespaces to Locally Managed.
      • Shrink Rollback Segments.
      • View Datafile information.
    • See the percentage of space utilized by each schema.
    • View objects on each Tablespace.
  • Current Session Rights Manager
    • Displays the rights the current user possesses.
  • Database Comparison Utility
    • Allowing for the comparing of database objects
  • Top SQL Module
    • Helps you to identify and Tune problem queries
    • Built in Explain Plan Support
  • Menus for the creation of
    • DBLinks
    • Tables
    • Indexes
    • Jobs
    • Rollback Segments
    • Sequences
    • Synonyms
    • Tablespaces
    • Triggers
    • Views
    • Directories
    • Profiles
    • Etc...
  • Utilities
    • Windows PING
    • Oracle Code Wrap
    • SQL*Plus integration
    • Export Data
    • Oracle EXP Wizard
  • Export Table Data as:
    • Insert Statements
    • Xml
    • MS Excel
    • Custom Formats
    • Export Synonyms
  • View Control file information
  • View NLS and Oracle Parameter file information
  • Quick dockable Object Browser allows you to lookup object information anywhere.
  • Configurable Syntax Highlighting for all SQL and PL/SQL features.
  • The ability to Analyze Tables and Indexes.
  • 300+ user defined configurations allows for you to customize your experience.
  • Read-Only connection option available, allowing for restrictions on data manipulationand DDL modifications.
  • Read-Only version available allowing the administrator to limit the user’s access and modify data elements and structure.
  • Flexible login screen allowing you to create favorites, connection categories and more.

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