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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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  GoldFish.Net 3.50.2 Released!!!!
By Ben Bahrenburg on Sunday, August 03, 2008 @ 12:38 PM
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This was by far one of the biggest releases we've had for GoldFish.Net.  Below is a summary of a few of the 600+ enhancements and improvements made for the 3.50.20 release.

  1. Multiple Connection Support
  2. Updated Login Favorites Support
  3. Ability to select Oracle Home Per Connection
  4. New User Preferences Menu
  5. Better Vista Support
  6. Speed Improvements on the Schema Browser Module
  7. Ability to cancel the Data Tab in the Schema Browser
  8. Support for DBMS_OUT in the SQL Editor
  9. Support for PL/SQL Blocks in the SQL Editor
  10. Improved Thread Locking in SQL Editor Module
  11. Visual Query Designer
  12. SQL Editor Favorites, ability to have a favorites directory with your SQL Snippets
  13. Visual Studio type Code Snippet Support
  14. Ability to toggle case of selected code in the SQL and PL/SQL Editors
  15. Improved Theme Support
  16. Improved support for PL/SQL Compile time errors
  17. Improved program startup speed
  18. Requirement program memory reduced
  19. New View Object Audit Screen
  20. Top SQL Module, many updates
  21. 11g support
  22. Updated User, Profile, and change password screens to take into account password case
  23. Improved support for tabe constraints and indexes
  24. SQL and PL/SQL Editor support for Intellisense
  25. Improved Oracle SQL Keyword support
  26. SQL and PL/SQL Editor help support for several native functions, ie. Decode, NVL, etc

As always 100% of the development done on GoldFish.Net is driven by your ideas and requests.  If you have an idea for the next release we'd love to hear from you.  Please email us at Support At ConceptGeek.Com

The GoldFish.Net team would like to thank Hernowo Krisdianto for all of his help in the beta process.  He was essential in the changes required for multiple connection support.

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